Cnc Forming Spring Machine

Cnc Forming Spring Machine

High synchronization accuracy, Power-full and precise in wire feeding, Accuracy is more because of less vibrations and program can be modified online without downtime.
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Manufacturing and supplying engineering solutions for over 20 years. YLSK is a long established, privately-owned, engineering company serving a variety of market sectors in China and Overseas.

Over the past 20 years, we have accumulated abundant experience in forming different kinds of material, no matter soft wire, hard wire, round wire, flat wire, special-shaped wire, strip, tube, compound material and pre-processed material, we all have a proper solution, and the application covers various kinds of fields.

The production of CNC spring machines can be achieved through computer programming, which can produce various shapes and specifications of spring and meet various needs.

With experienced design engineering team, customized requirements are open for discussion. We are responsible for spring machine design, development, parts fabrication, assembly, sales, and aftersales service etc.

YLSK-840 Spring Forming Machine .

Guangdong Yonglian CNC Equipment Technology Co., LTD. (YLSK) is a leading industry specialized in Design & Manufacturing of CNC Spring machinery and their accessories, Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We have almost 20 years manufacturing experience & supplies wide range of Spring Machines & relevant products to all over the world. Our existing machine categories are Compression Spring machines, forming machines, Cam-less Spring Machine & Wire Bending Machines, Moreover we produce Spring quality testing machines as well as Heating Furnaces. Our equipment is widely used in products such as compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring, wire forming & wire bending products also special purpose springs, Which can meet the production requirements of Automobile, Electronic, Toy, Sports equipment, Household appliance, and so on. YLSK have a young and energetic team, and providing uninterrupted service to customers in 24 hours. Looking forward to the future, YLSK wishes rapid development with constant commitment, high quality and stable products, quick and considerate service to realize win-win situation with customers, we are striving to build the first brand in the spring industry.
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Types of CNC spring machines

CNC spring machines generally refer to industrial equipment for the production and manufacture of compression springs. The development trend is fully automatic and CNC machine tools are divided into: spring machines, tension spring machines, computer spring machines, disc machines and special spring machines such as : Snake spring machine, torsion spring machine; according to the drive method, it is divided into: automatic type, automatic type, CNC machine type and full computer control type. It is generally composed of a server, an automatic control system, an electric motor hydraulic power unit, auxiliary equipment, and attached machinery and equipment. The key of the spring machinery is the automatic control system. The spring machinery has developed from the foot-operated development trend of the previous household appliances to the spring machinery on the CNC machine tool computer with the integration of electromechanical engineering and light. The spring mechanical automatic control system is mainly composed of system bus, CPU, switching power supply, memory, actual operation control panel and display, position control module, programmable control panel logic operation module and its data information input, output socket and so on. The spring mechanical server is also changed from the previous thick, black and heavy cast iron to a carbon steel machine control panel, which improves the compressive strength and rigidity of the mechanical equipment, and the automatic closed transmission gear and lubrication make the spring mechanical precision Higher degree and higher efficiency.
The CNC spring machine is suitable for the production of right-handed and left-handed body, double torsion springs, straight, rectangular frames, cable forming, steel scroll springs, and various pattern springs, special-shaped springs, and tension (pressure) springs; And its conical, cylindrical, convex, concave, torsion springs, etc.

Types of CNC spring machines

What are the uses of the spring machine?

1. It is suitable for the production of compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, flat springs, annular springs, tower springs, annular springs, double-single torsion springs, etc. , lighting, small toy springs, as large as springs in motorcycles, cars, airlines and other industries.
2. The fully automatic shutdown design scheme and the automatic speed-up function of the wire rack when the wireless network, disconnection, and tangle are used, which makes the production easy and reasonable; it improves the productivity and also improves the regulations on the characteristics and quality of the products. Because of the rapid development of modernization and the continuous increase in the demand for springs in industrialization, the rapid development of the manufacturing industry has been accelerated.
3. That is to say, it is composed of a computer controller (server automatic control system) plus the hardware configuration of the machine equipment. According to a part of the server, a part of the braking system is operated to maintain the process of production and processing steps. The physical structure is composed of servers (part of the configuration hardware), computer controllers (computer operating systems), excellent CNC servo motors and other hardware configurations (rolling bearings, CNC blade parts, etc.), and their supporting facilities and equipment. Wire frame, organic composition ensures strong functionality.
4. The spring machine can re-analyze the curve, zoom in, zoom out and click to view the matching statistics of each point on the curve. The statistical data such as force value, offset, bending stiffness, curve and so on can be copied to produce a standardized test report.

What are the uses of the spring machine?

The functional difference between CNC spring machine and mechanical spring machine

1. The mechanical spring machine does not have a computer controller. The mechanical spring machine is relatively simple in workmanship. Generally, the transmission device and the torsion device are driven by ordinary motors for operation; while the CNC spring machine has a computer controller, and has a touch screen or a touch screen computer screen. The output is highly interactive.

2. The CNC spring machine has multi-axis servo drive control, which is more convenient for product forming and processing. CNC spring machines use servo motors for transmission, usually with wire feed shafts, cam shafts, cutter shafts, winding shafts or rotating mandrels, etc., which can realize multi-axis sharing and achieve synchronous and asynchronous operations; while mechanical spring machines do not have , so only some simple spring forming processing can be done.

The functional difference between CNC spring machine and mechanical spring machine
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This machine bottom is designed with solid base which is pre-drilled with some space for shipping of forklift, making this machine have a great balance and keep sturdy. Iron Construction & 3 Ton

High strength and capacity machine The metal stamping is constructed of high strength cast iron, integral moulding, allowing for tougher jobs.It features good resistance to corrosion and rust. Perfect for repairing and changing over jobs .

Responsible team and good aftersales work . YLSK team is very responsible and giving service 24*7 . With their help ,we can solve the engineering problems very fast .

Aftersales service is good . They can feedback promptly and give their good suggestions on machine solutions . They have good technology on some critical parts making .

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For materials with different line diameters, the force applied by the tools during bending and cutting is different, which puts different strength and toughness requirements for the materials of the tool. For materials with larger diameter and high hardness of processing of 4.0 or 4.0mm, such as oil quenching steel, this requires higher the toughness and strength of the tools of the tool. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the angle of the tip of the knife, the smooth transition of the blade and the blade.As far as the safety of spring and the service life of the tools, the use of welding tungsten steel can solve this problem well. If it is easy to crack tungsten steel, it is not safe to splash on the workers. For line diameters below 1.0, lines and wire wheels can be used tungsten steel.

The camless spring machine adopts a unique camless rocker and no rocker arm design. The independent servo drives the arms, and the arm can be disassembled, which is gradually accepted and recognized by more and more users. Compared with the traditional spring machine with cams, the product can be easily formed at one time, reducing the difficulty of product debugging and improving production efficiency.YLSK no cam spring molding machine provides excellent performance and accuracy, and can provide high -speed molding for various wires, including thick or fine diameter, rectangular or soft metal. Our wire molding machine takes into account the rigorous challenges today. The friendly control of the operator allows them to prepare quickly. 

1. Measure the wire diameter of your spring wire (understanding the diameter of the spring wire is very important, different line diameters will use different spring machines) 2.What kind of line diameter is the spring (such as twist springs, crushing spring, butterfly, alien, etc. Different springs will use different spring machines)3. Spring specifications (such as wire diameter, inner diameter, outer diameter, number of circles, active circles, spacing, feet length, angle, etc.)4. Based on the estimated daily output and monthly output, the purchased CNC spring machine needs to meet the daily production of the product.  The most important point of the CNC crushing machine type matching is: spring model, wire diameter, outer diameter, inner diameter, number of circles, etc. If a spring has several outer diameters, it is a multi -diameter spring, using a multi -axis spring machine. If it is a straight barrel -shaped spring, the two -axis crusher spring machine is used.  

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