Steel Wire Bending Machine

Steel Wire Bending Machine

Wire bending machine is especially for processing strip and wire. It can stamp / cut the material by mold and then bend/ form it by tools. The final product is precise and the production is stable and fast. Wire bending machine have less vibrations and program can be modified online without downtime.
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Manufacturing and supplying engineering solutions for over 20 years. YLSK is a long established, privately-owned, engineering company serving a variety of market sectors in China and Overseas.

Over the past 20 years, we have accumulated abundant experience in forming different kinds of material, no matter soft wire, hard wire, round wire, flat wire, special-shaped wire, strip, tube, compound material and pre-processed material, we all have a proper solution, and the application covers various kinds of fields.

The production of CNC spring machines can be achieved through computer programming, which can produce various shapes and specifications of spring and meet various needs.

With experienced design engineering team, customized requirements are open for discussion. We are responsible for spring machine design, development, parts fabrication, assembly, sales, and aftersales service etc.

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Guangdong Yonglian CNC Equipment Technology Co., LTD. (YLSK) is a leading industry specialized in Design & Manufacturing of CNC Spring machinery and their accessories, Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We have almost 20 years manufacturing experience & supplies wide range of Spring Machines & relevant products to all over the world. Our existing machine categories are Compression Spring machines, forming machines, Cam-less Spring Machine & Wire Bending Machines, Moreover we produce Spring quality testing machines as well as Heating Furnaces. Our equipment is widely used in products such as compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring, wire forming & wire bending products also special purpose springs, Which can meet the production requirements of Automobile, Electronic, Toy, Sports equipment, Household appliance, and so on. YLSK have a young and energetic team, and providing uninterrupted service to customers in 24 hours. Looking forward to the future, YLSK wishes rapid development with constant commitment, high quality and stable products, quick and considerate service to realize win-win situation with customers, we are striving to build the first brand in the spring industry.
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The benefits of wire bending machines

This machine is used for embossing, shearing, grooving, etc.
It's precise and highly automated, so it doesn't require very powerful features.
It has the ability to provide perfect bends or cuts.
It uses high precision ball screws and linear guides.
They save money by continually recreating programming to improve efficiency.

The benefits of wire bending machines

Description of performance characteristics and application fields of wire bending machine

Wire bending machine is mainly used for rod products of auto parts, car seats, headrests, bicycle saddle beams, kitchen hardware products, supermarket shelves, shopping baskets, fitness car metal products, and other steel wire and wire forming products . In addition, it is also suitable for the production of various wire springs and scroll springs within the range of wire diameters.
1. Mechanical stop of wire bending machine, torsion axis synchronization, high precision
2. Equipped with the special numerical control system of Delem in the Netherlands, the grating ruler, pressure proportional valve and servo motor are all imported
3. The stroke of the slider and the back gauge are automatically controlled by the computer
4. The back gauge adopts ball screw and rolling guide, with high repeat positioning accuracy

Description of performance characteristics and application fields of wire bending machine

What is a wire bending machine

1. The forming area of the wire bending machine is controlled by two high-power servo motors and six low-power servo motors, respectively, for wire feeding, corner folding, knife cutting, lifting, core turning, wire turning, tray, eccentric, and matching gear slides transmission. 2. The bending shaft of the wire bending machine is driven by the servo motor to drive the gear of the reducer to ensure accurate positioning, 360° bending and rotation, and fast speed; 3. The cutting shaft of the wire bending machine is driven by the servo motor to drive the gear to push the small protrusion The block uses the lever principle to tangent, large torsional cutting force, common to large lines and small lines, faster than the industry, hydraulic and pneumatic methods, more convenient and low failure rate.

What is a wire bending machine
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This machine bottom is designed with solid base which is pre-drilled with some space for shipping of forklift, making this machine have a great balance and keep sturdy. Iron Construction & 3 Ton

High strength and capacity machine The metal stamping is constructed of high strength cast iron, integral moulding, allowing for tougher jobs.It features good resistance to corrosion and rust. Perfect for repairing and changing over jobs .

Responsible team and good aftersales work . YLSK team is very responsible and giving service 24*7 . With their help ,we can solve the engineering problems very fast .

Aftersales service is good . They can feedback promptly and give their good suggestions on machine solutions . They have good technology on some critical parts making .

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