Coil Spring Making Machine Exporters

Coil Spring Making Machine Exporters

Coil spring refers to a helical spring made of spring steel wire. There are many types of coil springs, which can be divided into ordinary cylindrical coil springs and variable diameter coil springs according to their appearance; they can be divided into left-handed springs and right-handed springs according to the direction of the helix. The cylindrical coil spring has a simple structure, is convenient to manufacture, and has a wide range of applications.
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Manufacturing and supplying engineering solutions for over 20 years. YLSK is a long established, privately-owned, engineering company serving a variety of market sectors in China and Overseas.

Over the past 20 years, we have accumulated abundant experience in forming different kinds of material, no matter soft wire, hard wire, round wire, flat wire, special-shaped wire, strip, tube, compound material and pre-processed material, we all have a proper solution, and the application covers various kinds of fields.

The production of CNC spring machines can be achieved through computer programming, which can produce various shapes and specifications of spring and meet various needs.

With experienced design engineering team, customized requirements are open for discussion. We are responsible for spring machine design, development, parts fabrication, assembly, sales, and aftersales service etc.

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Guangdong Yonglian CNC Equipment Technology Co., LTD. (YLSK) is a leading industry specialized in Design & Manufacturing of CNC Spring machinery and their accessories, Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We have almost 20 years manufacturing experience & supplies wide range of Spring Machines & relevant products to all over the world. Our existing machine categories are Compression Spring machines, forming machines, Cam-less Spring Machine & Wire Bending Machines, Moreover we produce Spring quality testing machines as well as Heating Furnaces. Our equipment is widely used in products such as compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring, wire forming & wire bending products also special purpose springs, Which can meet the production requirements of Automobile, Electronic, Toy, Sports equipment, Household appliance, and so on. YLSK have a young and energetic team, and providing uninterrupted service to customers in 24 hours. Looking forward to the future, YLSK wishes rapid development with constant commitment, high quality and stable products, quick and considerate service to realize win-win situation with customers, we are striving to build the first brand in the spring industry.
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Classification of coil spring making machines

1. According to the different characteristics of the load at work, the coil spring can be divided into three types: compression, tension and torsion; 2. According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into two categories: cylindrical coil springs and variable diameter coil springs; variable diameter coil springs The spring mainly bears the compressive load; 3. According to its shape characteristics, it can be divided into conical, scroll, concave and convex. 4. In terms of production and use, coil springs can also be divided into two categories according to the forming method and the diameter of the material: large coil springs and small coil springs; the former is usually hot formed, and the latter is cold formed. 5. Other categories
There are many types of coil springs, which can be divided into: ordinary cylindrical coil springs; variable diameter coil springs.

Classification of coil spring making machines

Classification and characteristics of coil springs

1. Variable diameter coil springs are divided into: conical coil springs, spiral coil springs, and concave coil springs.
2. The conical coil spring has better cushioning performance and can withstand larger loads.
3. Spiral coil springs can store more energy and bear larger loads, but the manufacturing process is more complicated.
4. The performance of the concave coil spring is similar to that of the conical coil spring, and it is mostly used for cushions and mattresses.
5. The surface of the spring steel wire is round and rectangular, and the circular section is the most commonly used.
6. The coil spring is the torsion spring, which is a spring that bears torsional deformation, and its working part is also tightly wound into a spiral shape. The end structure of the torsion spring is a torsion arm machined into various shapes, rather than a shackle. Torsion springs are often used in balancing mechanisms in machinery, and are widely used in industrial production such as automobiles, machine tools, and electrical appliances.
1. The structure is relatively compact;
2. Good softness, that is, the deformation range is relatively wide;
3. It is easier to manufacture;
4. High energy rate.

Classification and characteristics of coil springs

The main function of the spring

①Control the movement of machinery, such as valve springs in internal combustion engines, control springs in clutches, etc. ② Absorb vibration and impact energy, such as buffer springs under automobiles and train carriages, vibration-absorbing springs in couplings, etc. ③ Store and output energy as power, such as clock springs, springs in firearms, etc. ④Used as a force measuring element, such as a force measuring device, a spring in a spring balance, etc. The ratio of the load to the deformation of the spring is called the spring stiffness, and the higher the stiffness, the stiffer the spring.
The spring is an elastic element widely used in the mechanical and electronic industries. The spring can produce a large elastic deformation when it is loaded, and convert the mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to its original state. Deformation energy is converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

The main function of the spring
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This machine bottom is designed with solid base which is pre-drilled with some space for shipping of forklift, making this machine have a great balance and keep sturdy. Iron Construction & 3 Ton

High strength and capacity machine The metal stamping is constructed of high strength cast iron, integral moulding, allowing for tougher jobs.It features good resistance to corrosion and rust. Perfect for repairing and changing over jobs .

Responsible team and good aftersales work . YLSK team is very responsible and giving service 24*7 . With their help ,we can solve the engineering problems very fast .

Aftersales service is good . They can feedback promptly and give their good suggestions on machine solutions . They have good technology on some critical parts making .

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For materials with different line diameters, the force applied by the tools during bending and cutting is different, which puts different strength and toughness requirements for the materials of the tool. For materials with larger diameter and high hardness of processing of 4.0 or 4.0mm, such as oil quenching steel, this requires higher the toughness and strength of the tools of the tool. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the angle of the tip of the knife, the smooth transition of the blade and the blade.As far as the safety of spring and the service life of the tools, the use of welding tungsten steel can solve this problem well. If it is easy to crack tungsten steel, it is not safe to splash on the workers. For line diameters below 1.0, lines and wire wheels can be used tungsten steel.

The camless spring machine adopts a unique camless rocker and no rocker arm design. The independent servo drives the arms, and the arm can be disassembled, which is gradually accepted and recognized by more and more users. Compared with the traditional spring machine with cams, the product can be easily formed at one time, reducing the difficulty of product debugging and improving production efficiency.YLSK no cam spring molding machine provides excellent performance and accuracy, and can provide high -speed molding for various wires, including thick or fine diameter, rectangular or soft metal. Our wire molding machine takes into account the rigorous challenges today. The friendly control of the operator allows them to prepare quickly.

1. Measure the wire diameter of your spring wire (understanding the diameter of the spring wire is very important, different line diameters will use different spring machines) 2.What kind of line diameter is the spring (such as twist springs, crushing spring, butterfly, alien, etc. Different springs will use different spring machines)3. Spring specifications (such as wire diameter, inner diameter, outer diameter, number of circles, active circles, spacing, feet length, angle, etc.)4. Based on the estimated daily output and monthly output, the purchased CNC spring machine needs to meet the daily production of the product.  The most important point of the CNC crushing machine type matching is: spring model, wire diameter, outer diameter, inner diameter, number of circles, etc. If a spring has several outer diameters, it is a multi -diameter spring, using a multi -axis spring machine. If it is a straight barrel -shaped spring, the two -axis crusher spring machine is used.  

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