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Talented team

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All our spring machine equipment is provided with 12 months warranty.YLSK offers free maintenance or replacement service if something is wrong with the equipment under warranty. If it is out of warranty, YLSK will send engineers to your factory as soon as possible and only charge the cost of parts.

Installation and debugging

 Installation and debugging
Technicians can be sent to the factory for training (free of service fee for the first time). Customers only need to provide accommodation for engineers. For overseas client ,we also can provide bligual engineer to do the after sales service and help customer to solve the machine problem at the fastest speed . 

Installation and debugging
Accessories supply & Remote diagnosis

Accessories supply & Remote diagnosis

Critical parts  and other parts is one year except for  consumable parts.  SANYO DENKI SERVO MOTOR  is always available for option. Free of charge for fixing and changing parts within warranty. Only changing parts , the freight should be charged by customers.

YLSK can check the running status of the customer's MACHINE through our remote maintenance system. Our technicians can perform troubleshooting via remote access instead of on-site diagnosis and maintenance, saving you a lot of time.
Additionally, YLSK will establish a special user profile for all customers who have purchased equipment from us to record your usage, maintenance records and other information. This will help us to learn about customer information more quickly and thus provide necessary upgrades according to customer feedback

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