How to use universal spring machine to make suitble springs ?

What kind of springs are durable that produced by UNIVERSAL SPRING MACHINE ?

What springs are durable ? Springs are widely used in industrial production, aerospace, digital equipment, electrical industry, and automotive industries. Mechanical equipment cannot be separated from springs, otherwise serious failures will occur. So, what springs are durable? This is a question that many people want to know. Today, Guangdong Yonglian CNC Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce to you how to make the spring durable and long-lasting. To make a spring with a long life, the first thing to consider is the material of the spring and the quality of the raw materials, the design of the spring, the production of the spring and the heat treatment process. 1. According to different use environments and media, choose the correct material to avoid deformation and breakage of the spring caused by external factors. 2. The material of the spring must be made of high-quality steel wire. High-quality steel wire and inferior steel wire are difficult to distinguish only by appearance. They must be tested and qualified before they can be put into use. To give a simple example, if the composition of the steel wire is unevenly distributed, the surface of the steel wire has small defects, and the diameter of the steel wire is poor, the resulting spring will eventually be unqualified in size, unqualified in elasticity, and uneven in force. The part with excessive stress is likely to be the starting point of fracture or deformation. 3. The design of the spring is very important, and only a reasonable design can give full play to the performance of the raw materials. 4. Spring production and heat treatment process. Before the production of the spring, it is necessary to calculate the error values ​​of all processes. For example, the outer diameter of the carbon steel spring will become smaller after tempering, and the number of turns will increase, and the outer diameter of the stainless steel spring will become larger after tempering, and the number of turns will decrease. . These all require long-term accumulation of experience to obtain the correct calculation formula. Another example is the temperature of the heat treatment process, the length of heat preservation, and the method of quenching, which will lead to serious decarburization of the spring and incomplete elimination of internal stress. Therefore, the spring is not durable. As long as the spring is processed strictly according to the above 4 points, a spring with a long life can be obtained. | UNIVERSAL SPRING MACHINE

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