How to operate 3D Wire bending machine

How to operate 3D Wire bending machine ?

How to operate 3D Wire bending machine ?
First .Wire decoiler threading
Push the tie rod to trigger the feeding of wire coil automatically through the pulley . After the wire passes through the pulley .It is against the bracket of break wire alarm .
Second .How to use the cutter tools
Find the tools of the corresponding size .
Disassemble three sets of wire feeding rollers .
Adjust above 7 straightening bearings .
Disassemble the center die mould.and then install the wire feeding rollers before wire enters the roller .Check whether the wire diameter is consistent with wire feeding rollers and processing wire .If not ,please replace the wire feeding rollers and correct the concentricity.
Third .Equipment threading .
Tighten the screws on the calibration disc .Before wire entering the straightener ,pull the tie rods of the two sets of straighteners .
Loosen the wire passing roller spacing of the horizontal straightener and the vertical straightener .After the wire passing through the straightener ,confirm the flatnesss of the two sets of wire feeding rollers .The diameter range and size are consistent and keep the two sets of straighteners and wire on the same level .
Fourth .Cutter tools installation .
Install the wire guide pipe .
Put suitable mandrel for the size of the processing wire into the slot and adjust the space between mandrel and cutter as close as possible to avoid incision burrs .Tighten screws of mandrel .Then install the cutting knife and pins and cerntal mould and tighten the screw .The wire slot position on bending pin and the wire should be adjusted to the same level .

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