Spring coiling machine length tester

spring coiling machine length tester

Spring coiling machine length tester
Now many spring manufacturers are troubled by the different lengths of the springs they produce.By using Yonglian length tester, this problem can be solved very well. Now let's see what advantages and benefits the length tester has.

1. Using the latest chip, 3 seconds automatically start, no need to preheat, high and low temperature resistance, the whole machine is guaranteed for two years, and the motherboard is guaranteed for 5 years.

2. The use of servo probes has no interference and have precise control, which can realize unattended workshops.

3. Solve the troubles caused by spring oil, water, ash and weather changes.

4. The finished product is processed by the intelligent spring coiling machine and spring formng machine.

5. Automatic sorting, efficient production, and quality assurance.

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