How to solve the noise problem of UNIVERSAL CAMLESS SPRING MACHINE ?

How to solve the noise problem of UNIVERSAL CAMLESS SPRING MACHINE?

Universal Camless Spring Machine

How to solve the noise problem of  UNIVERSAL CAMLESS SPRING MACHINE?

 In the past few years, cnc universal spring machine has been greatly developed, and many manufacturers have purchased spring machines. However, many manufacturers did not pay much attention to the installation, and there were many unconventional assemblies. The performance of all aspects of the spring machine is related to the assembly of the machine. The successful installation of a spring machine is a test of the assembler's technology.

         I think that unconventional assembly has appeared. Now there are many spring machines with hidden troubles on the market. Some problems are not solved by many assemblers due to lack of experience. Now, how to repair the abnormality of the spring machine reflected by customers on the market is provided.

         The abnormal sound of the spring machine can be divided into two situations, which may be the problem of the drive parameters. This kind of problem is well solved. It is only necessary to use the Communicator to reduce the accuracy of the motor, but it should be noted that this operation may reduce the accuracy of the mechanical work. Therefore, you only need to adjust the value to moderate when making adjustments.
          The second problem may be the mechanical precision problem, carefully identifying whether the noise is from the gear or the sharp sound of the motor as it rotates. At this time, it is necessary to check whether there are any signs of loose parts. If the conditions are sufficient, you can check whether there are any gaps between the gears. Generally, you only need to loosen the motor fixing screws when adjusting, or you can tighten the motor. It is.

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