How to judge the quality of automatic spring making machine

How to judge the quality of automatic spring making machine

Generally speaking, the assembly of the spring machine needs to go according to the relevant technical requirements, and generally it is a process of combining products with parts. The assembly of these will directly affect the quality of the CNC spring machine. Therefore, after installing each part, you can clean each part, and finally you can correct, adjust and match the related parts, and balance the rotating body.

CNC spring machine

How to judge the quality of  automatic spring making machine ?

Generally, when it is a spring machine, it is thought that it requires severe and strict acceptance. First you need to start the rotation and wait for all the parts to check whether they are normal. If the voltage is stable, you can run after the inspection is completed. Generally, you need to check whether the rotation of the Z axis is stable, and you need to see if there is any twisting. When the machine is running without load, it must be idling 4-8 times, and then check whether there is a ground wire to prevent the occurrence of leakage points, so as to avoid unnecessary danger.

There is also a need to adjust the controller to manual operation and repeatedly use the Y axis movement to see if the Y axis runs smoothly. Then, the following items need to be checked during the rotation, and then the gears are fully lubricated and sealed to the lubrication points of the bearings.

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