How to count spring coils of spring coiling machine

Counting spring coils of spring coiling machine

The Concept of Counting Coils on Different Types of Spring Coiling machine 
Counting coils, especially the number of active coils versus the number of total coils, remains to be one of the most misinterpreted concepts of spring manufacturing. Despite being the simplest feature to measure, the process of counting coils has resulted in a surprising number of errors in drawings and in new product development.
What Are Active Coils?
Active coils are pretty much what the term implies – they must be active. In other words, they must be able to either deflect or extend or bend in the case of a torsion spring. For example, when we have a compression spring that stands nice and straight on the table, it can do so because the end coil has been closed to touch the adjacent coil and then the last coil is ground so that half of the material is removed and the spring stands nice and flat.

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