Operating procedure of spring forming machine after machne arrive factory

Brief operation steps & precautions for Universal CNC Spring forming machine adjustment

Brief operation steps and precautions of CNC Universal Spring forming machine adjustment In the process of learning and debugging the cnc spring forming machine, you can follow the following simple adjustment steps, so that you can make the spring you want and make the performance better and more stable.
1. Install the cam and arrange the position of the cam plate.
2. Master the installation and grinding technique for Universal spring machine tools, tools and dies, such as mandrels, curve gauges, wire wheels, and the standard tooling tools sometimes cannot meet the diverse production needs of springs. At this time, the operator needs to grind the tooling into the desired shape, including chamfering, grooving and grinding.You should pay attention to Line wheel and mandrel end clip the straightening wheel the correct groove and the correct hole, and make three points in one line.
3. Put on the material, do the power connection of the wire decoiler and the spring machine
4. Thread and straighten
5. According to product requirements, install cylinder probe, etc.
6. Programming
7. Manual test until a qualified sample is produced.

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