A comprehensive maintenance strategy for the cnc coiling spring machine

A comprehensive maintenance strategy for the cnc coiling spring machine

For the maintenance and maintenance of  cnc coiling spring machine, we must do these aspects:

1. After using the CNC spring machine for a period of time, we need to carry out the necessary cleaning process. Because the CNC spring machine will not be clean after using it for a long time, how to maintain the internal circuit will cause failure. 

2. We also need to carry out comprehensive maintenance on the accessories of CNC spring machine frequently. For example, some commonly used accessories should be replaced in time. 

3. It is also necessary for the lubrication of CNC spring machine parts to keep it smooth and normal. Where the CNC spring machine usually fails, if the computer operating system and the servo drive fail, it can be solved by upgrading the system itself; if the transfer line system of the transfer spring machine fails, the operator can cut off the power and wait for careful inspection. After that, you can replace the damaged parts yourself. If it involves the failure of the shaft part of the computer spring machine, the operator should not disassemble the shaft center of the fuselage. At this time, professional technicians are required to repair it to solve the problem. For operators who are just in contact with CNC spring machines, it is not realistic to familiarize themselves with and master the related technologies and operations of spring machines in the short term. Therefore, sometimes some operators do not operate the spring machine according to the normal production process, such as modifying and adjusting the default parameters of the computer system, which will cause the default parameters set by the spring machine manufacturer before the factory to be changed, and the operating environment of the system will be obtained. Damage, over time, the stability of the operating system can not be guaranteed, and even the system crashes.

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